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Ultrasonic BBL

This fat grafting procedure improves your body’s proportions. Dr.Liliav can create beautiful curves to your hips and buttocks. Fill out hollow cheeks and add projection that will give you a dream shape with a more contoured, sculpted and lift look. This cosmetic surgery keeps growing in popularity and since it is the fastest growing procedure, a consultation with a double board-certified plastic surgeon is key. Dr. Liliav’s pioneering technique using wireless ultrasound generated image will guide him with the view of the area he will be targeting and placing the fat. With his extensive training in both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, he has developed a reputation for being able to produce great transformations. This is a procedure he loves and looks forward to performing. Patients’ safety is our top priority and preoperative planning is vital for successful outcomes.

How to maximize your BBL and get the best possible transformation?

  • Do not sit on your Buttocks (4-5 weeks post-surgery).
  • Stay hydrated: Drinking fluids that provide your body with vital nutrients and electrolytes during the first 9 weeks of your recovery.
  • Correct Sleeping position: Avoid pressure directly on the buttocks for at least 5-6 weeks post-surgery. We suggest our patients to sleep face down after a bbl procedure. Having an inflatable breathable face down bbl pillow for sleeping will provide head support, facial decompression, neck support, Chest decompression, abdominal support.
  • Patients undergoing surgery should stop smoking six weeks prior to surgery, and they avoid taking anti-inflammatory medication (e.g., aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.) and herbal medications that can cause increased bleeding for two weeks prior to surgery.

What are the benefits of an Ultrasonic BBL?

If you are looking to add volume, shape the roundness, create an illusion of a lift by adding projection to your glutes and shaping your waist by taking away love handles and excess fat in your back. An ultrasonic bbl procedure will create a beautiful figure and transformation with body contouring.

Ultrasonic BBL FAQ.

  • Q. What to eat after a Ultrasonic BBL ?

    A.      Feed the fat after bbl: Eat nutrients foods that will provide your body with essential vitamins, minerals and healthy fats including avacados, salmon, coconut oil, walnuts, walnuts and eggs. All is needed to support recovery.

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