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Personalized Non-surgical Treatments

B-12 Injections

This energy vitamin has positive effects on both body and mind. By correcting nutritional deficiencies, it will support your healthy weight loss, optimize homocysteine levels, and even reduce the risk of strokes. Since the body cannot produce vitamin B12 on its own, we can help you keep your levels on track with Vitamin B12 injections, helping make red blood cells and keeping your nervous system working properly. Keep in mind lack of B12 can lead to anemia, causing you feel weak. Our qualified team will administer your B-12 depending on your needs with a frequency of up to one shot weekly for 4 weeks making you feel vibrant.

Blood test and assessment

Dr. Liliav is a firm believer in taking a closer look at his patient’s physical well-being and complete blood count (cbc). He will check all levels of different components of every major cell in your body. Assessing many conditions, he will learn how your body’s organs are working and tailor a plan designed to each patient’s need instead of an easy fix. He will help you heal from within.

Body Composition Testing

Dr. Liliav is a firm believer in focusing on his patient’s physical health and well-being. With a body composition he will obtain objective data that is unobtainable from a scale weight alone, such as the proportion of weight that is fat mass. He will help you get a better diagnosis of your fitness level and physical levels. He will help you reach your goals in a more concrete way, rather than an easy fix.

Glutathione Treatment (skin lightening)

This extremely effective antioxidant comprised of three essential amino acids, attacks and fights free radicals. This glutathione intravenous treatment will fight illness, detoxify your liver from harmful chemicals and give you an immune boost. Schedule a free consultation to establish the dosage that is right for you.

Filler and Fat Grafting (hand Rejuvenation)

If you are looking for a more permanent hand youthification, this technique can be effective and durable. Under local anesthesia Dr. Liliav will be transferring 15 to 20 cc of fat to each hand, depending on the condition of the patient, restoring volume and youth by creating fuller contours to the area. This is a simple and very reliable technique where small intact parcels of fatty tissue are harvested with a cannula and placed in minuscule parcels of tissue through a very small incision. If you feel you have prominent superficial veins and tendons and need a more youthful appearance, fat grafting hand rejuvenation will achieve your goal.

Hormone Replacement (Women & Men)

Hormonal balance is the definition of achieving our health goals. Whether for symptom relief, health promotion or disease prevention. Dr. Liliav is a firm believer that hormonal balance is a foundational element. As we age, hormones decline, and we can experience many symptoms that can interfere with our everyday life. Everything from energy levels, transitioning into menopause, male and female libido and many other imbalances can be very challenging. In the initial consultation a full hormonal blood panel will give Dr Lliav an accurate look into how well your endocrine system is working. With his medical approach, he can help correct the problem through treatment resulting in a state of balance which will optimize your health.


Intravenous infusion of NAD+ goes straight into the bloodstream. It works quickly to repair cells and repair neurons in our brain. IV therapy allows NAD+ to bypass the digestive system for better absorption thus instantly feeling better. Boost Immunity, get quick rehydration, eliminate hangovers and more including anti-aging effects in men and women. Keep in mind a stronger cell equals and happier and stronger you!

Non-Surgical Nose Job

Been similar to any kind of skin injectable treatment and as an alternative to a surgical nose job, DrLiliav can reshape the nose of a patient and do minor alterations. However, this will not reduce a large nose or reduce thick skin but can help to correct deformities. He uses anti-aging soft tissue injectable fillers as well as muscle relaxants such as liquid silicone, calcium hydroxyapatite, polymethylmethacrylate, hyaluronic acid, polyacrylamide gel and calcium hydroxyapatite. Depending on the injectable filler used for the procedure, a numbing cream might be applied. A follow up appointment will be scheduled to make sure you are happy with your nose transformation.

Platelet Rich plasma (PRP)

Plasma is a component of our blood that contains amazing proteins and proteins that support cell growth and promotes healing when injected. This therapy makes use of our body’s natural ability to heal by regeneration of tissues and speeding up the process of repairing damage. The concentration of growth factors in PRP can also decrease pain and even help hair growth.

Sculptra (butt lift)

This cosmetic procedure uses a dermal filler to stimulate collagen production and will enhance your curves and shape your buttocks. This procedure is fast; no need to take time off from work to recover. You will be instructed to lay comfortably, and the injection process will only take a few minutes. You may experience soreness and minimal bruising after treatments. Sculptra targets your buttocks with no high risk of complications, adding volume, smoothing out cellulite and improving your skin texture.

Medical Weight loss

When creating a weight loss plan, Dr.Liliav believes one size doesn’t fit all. If you are struggling with your weight and overall wellbeing, his confidence will ease your mind completely and together will determine a plan. The consultation begins with a blood test that will offer insight into your biological processes and body functioning. He will then create an individualized program with nutrition plan, supplements, and medication. He will help you reclaim your health and life!

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