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Tubular Breasts Corrective Surgery

Women with tubular breast deformity can achieve a fuller, more rounded breast shape by undergoing a tubular breast reconstruction surgery. This condition is caused by breast tissue not developing, creating deformity during puberty that can lead to a tubular look to your breast shape. Dr.Liliav will release the constricted breast tissue making a small incision to insert a breast implant, thereby creating a normal, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing result.

Key Takeaways On Tubular Breasts

  •  Tubular Breasts are caused by connective tissue malformation and occur in puberty.
  • In severe cases, correction may be undertaken earlier, however is generally best to wait until the breast is fully mature.
  • Tubular breast can also present problems for women who wish to breastfeed.
  • Typical characteristic of tubular breasts includes, wide spacing between the breast, minimal breast tissue, enlarged puffy areola, sagging and higher than normal breast fold.

Tubular Breast Reconstruction FAQ

  • Can you correct Tubular Breast?


    Tuberous breast can be more complicated than a regular breast augmentation. This surgical procedure includes tissue expansion, fat grafting and breast implants. However, some patients may choose a mastopexy/breast lift to tighten the breast instead of implants. The goal is to change the proportion of the nipple/areola, release the constricting area and improve the overall shape for a more aesthetically pleasing and natural to your overall breast contour.

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