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Scar Revision

In some cases, scars will naturally fade over time and can become less visible. However, in others they can become larger and worsen overtime. Some can become excessively wide, indented, elevated with underline hard scar tissue and dark pigmentation all around. Every scar is different and patients with scar issues are usually prone to Keloid, Contracture, or hypertrophic scars. A scar revision is the answer to solving the appearance of an old scar. While in your consultation with Dr.Liliav, he will assess your scar and together you will determine the best revision to make your scar less noticeable.

Scar Revision FAQ.

  • Q. How are scar revision done?

    A.   In this procedure Dr. Liliav’s objective is to improve the condition or appearance of the scar located anywhere in your body so that you can gain your confidence back and make it cosmetically appealing.  Procedure is done by cutting along either side of the scar and create angled flaps that can reposition or change the scar direction, interrupt scar tension and make the scar less visible.

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