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Back Lift-Bra Line

The excellent candidates for Bra Line Lift surgery are both men and women who have sagging skin after significant weight loss. Since skin redundancy is the primary problem, this procedure removes sagging skin and excess fat, contouring the entire back making it tighter. An incision is made across the target area giving access to the excess skin tissue. This is especially good for the mid back where patients can experience noticeable bulges on each side of the bra-line.  Sometimes liposuctions and other body sculpting procedures are done at the same time. A bra line back lift leaves a horizontal scar along the bra line. Keep in mind scars differ in the quality base of the patient’s skin and it is imperative to avoid sun exposure to prevent hyperpigmentation in the area and follow a regimen of silicone scar cream to keep the scar moisturized which may help.

Benefits of a Bra Line Back Lift Procedure

  • Created a smooth and uniform contour to the upper and lower back.
  • Remove excessive tissue that roles over the bra line.
  • The scar will be hidden beneath the bra or bathing suit.
  • Contour and rejuvenate the upper back.
  • Enhance appearance in clothing and swimwear.
  • Improve the natural waistline.

Bra Line Back Lift FAQ.

  • Q. Am I a Candidate for a Bra Lift?

    A.      Ideal candidates for this procedure are:

    • Having sagging or loose back skin.
    • Having stubborn pockets of excess fat on the back.
    • Are at a stable weight.
    • Are relatively healthy without underlying health conditions.
    • Are non-smokers or willing to refrain from smoking for several weeks.
    • Are committed to healthy lifestyle habits before and after surgery.
    • May have achieved significant weight loss that left loose tissue.
  • Q. What is the recovery process for Bra Lift Procedure?


    • Compression garment should be worn to accelerate the healing process and reduce swelling and pain.
    •  Strenuous exercise should be avoided for several weeks.
    • Plan not to wear a bra for at least 7-15 days.
    • Avoid sleeping flat on your back.
    • lymphatic massages are recommended.
    • You will experience, swelling, bruising and tenderness.
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