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Nipple Correction

Nipples that are long or droopy can become self-conscience. This can happen due to weight again, breast feeding, hormonal changes, or even genetics. A nipple reduction procedure, removal of excess length, or areolar correction can also be done together with a breast lift or breast augmentation procedure in a single surgical operation.

Nipple Correction FAQ

  • Q. Who Are The Ideal Candidates For Nipple Correction Surgery?

    A. Typically, women who wish to address the following:

    • Women with Overly wide nipples.
    • Women who wish to correct the projection of the nipples.
    • Women who have elongated or stretched nipples (because of breastfeeding).
    • Women who wish to Improvement areola irregularity or asymmetry.
  • Q. Can I Reshape My Nipples?

    1. A. The answer is yes, Nipples can be re-size along with the areola for a more aesthetically pleasing and natural to your overall breast contour.
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